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IEEE BANGALORE SECTION invites you to a lecture by  Dr.Kanth Miriyala, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur, USA  who is giving a series of lectures in Mumbai Pune and Bangalore during his visit to India from 24th  Sep to 1st Oct 2013

Speaker: Dr Kanth Miriyala, Business Consultant  and  Entrepreneur, USA

Time/Date: 6 pm on Friday, Sep 27, 2013

Venue: Institution of Engineers, opp Indian Express, Bangalore


Many of those who want to start a business in an area of their interest or passion , delay taking the first step because of the fear of risking their time and money. In short risk of failure. This talk will cover how to start your business while minimizing these risks and the nitty-grittys of risk of failure.  This talk provides the practical approach to starting business while minimizing risks say part time entrepreneurship, with numerous illustrations on successful businesses and business models which the author has hands on experience. This talk addresses all those who are interested or curious about embarking on their own business/ industry and on the path of being a successful entrepreneur.



Kanth Miriyala is a Business consultant and and  Entrepreneur, Chicago, USA. Dr. Kanth Miriyala was the co-founder of Quintant  and investor at Qik which was sold to Skype. He has Co-authored with Reethika, the books, Entrepreneur 5 pm to 9 am and Several other nuggets as eBooks on Kindle. His current interests are Innovation, New product design, Tech startups, Encouraging entrepreneurship and part-time entrepreneurship.He is an Undergrad from IIT Madras, Masters from IISc Bangalore and a PhD in Computer Science: University of Illinois. He has a decade of experience at Accenture as Process, Business Consulting and Innovation. He is currently active as an advisor/mentor to startups like Metacert, Wellbe, Gravitant, Mikiyaka, Gyantra to name a few.




1.     The talk is open for all interested in Entrepreneurship. There is no attendance fee for this talk.

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4.     The talk will be followed by networking tea and snacks.






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Institute of Engineers
opp Indian Express
Bangalore, Karnataka